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 Self-Registration - Using Kiosks to Reduce Registration Lines


The biggest complaint at events is lines at the registration counters. Using our Self-Registration Kiosks, registrants can quickly register for your event and/or print their badge without waiting in line. All Pre-Show Registration functions are supported, including automatic credit card and electronic check payments.

In the past, registration staff would be responsible for keying in onsite registration forms, which was time-consuming and therefore frustrating for registrants. By deploying Self-Registration Kiosks, the registrant keys in their own information, which they are familiar with and therefore eliminates data entry errors. You can also reduce the number of staffed registration positions, which reduces both staff and equipment requirements.

Plus, Self-Registration Kiosks can provide a wealth of local information, including airline flight status, airline boarding pass printing, local weather, local maps and local restaurant guides - a virtual concierge for your registrants at no additional cost!



 Onsite Kiosks Provide Feature-Rich Platform for Registration and Local Information


  • Direct Extension of Pre-Show Registration - Web-Based, Automatic Payment Processing
  • Create New Registrations for Walk-Ins - Onsite Pricing Default, Quick Badge Print, Receipt
  • Edit Existing Registrations - Informational Changes, Upgrades, Downgrades, Cancels, Refunds
  • Easily Print or Reprint Badges - Queue Badges at Secure Location or Allow Single Print
  • Print Confirmations and Receipts - Eliminate Post-Show Paperwork, Satisfy Registrant Needs
  • Local Airport Check-In - Allows Registrants to Print Boarding Passes and Check Flight Status
  • Local Information - Allows Registrants to Access Local Restaurant and City Guides
  • Local Weather & Maps - Valuable Information for Registrants During Visit to Host City


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