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Event Registration
Pre-Show (Web + Manual)
Onsite (Web + Manual)
Kiosks & Self-Registration (Web Only)
Payment Processing (Check/CC)
Call Center/Telephone Support
Web Admin w/Real-Time Reporting
Mobile Admin (PDA)
Event Badges
Badge Printing (Pre-Show & Onsite)
Badge Stock (Paper & Plastic)
Badge Supplies (Holders & Lanyards)
Badge Organizers
Lead Management
Lead Tracking
Options (Rent or Purchase)
WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal
Attendee Tracking
Session Tracking & Credits
Options (Rent or Purchase)
WEBfocus Show Organizer Portal
Certificate Management
Event Surveys


 Pre-Show Registration - Online, Phone, Fax, Mail plus Call Center Support!


With SDS, show organizers have access to the most feature-rich registration system available. Start with our SHOWfocusWEB Event Registration module, which includes comprehensive web-based event registration tools. With SHOWfocusWEB Event Registration, you can collect contact and demographic information from your attendees, allow them to make session or seminar selections (open or based on available inventory of seats), add guests, make full or partial payments (credit cards, electronic checks, PayPal) and then receive confirmation (email, email to third party, fax, mail).

Add our Call Center/Telephone Support module and our staff will handle all registration telephone support for your event, including answering questions, taking registration orders over the phone, processing cancellation and refunds, plus more!



 Feature-Rich, Fully Customizable and Economically Priced to Match Your Event Needs!


  • Supports a Variety of Participants
  • Attendees, Exhibitors, Speakers, Press, Staff
  • Time and Selection-Based Pricing
  • Profile-Based Registrations - Return/Edit
  • Contact & Demographic Information
  • Session/Seminar Selections
  • Special Event & Tour Selections
  • Guests and Guest Selections
  • Individual and Group Registrations
  • Schedule Onsite Appointments


  • Paid and Complimentary Registrations
  • Credit Card Payments (Full or Partial)
  • Check Payments (Electronic or Manual)
  • PayPal and Google Checkout
  • Confirmations Via Email, Fax or USPS Mail
  • Upgrades/Downgrades/Cancels/Refunds
  • Discount Code/Amount/Percentage
  • Photo ID Upload for Identification Badges
  • Call Center/Telephone Support
  • Integration with Hotel and Travel


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