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Event Registration
Pre-Show (Web + Manual)
Onsite (Web + Manual)
Kiosks & Self-Registration (Web Only)
Payment Processing (Check/CC)
Call Center/Telephone Support
Web Admin w/Real-Time Reporting
Mobile Admin (PDA)
Event Badges
Badge Printing (Pre-Show & Onsite)
Badge Stock (Paper & Plastic)
Badge Supplies (Holders & Lanyards)
Badge Organizers
Lead Management
Lead Tracking
Options (Rent or Purchase)
WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal
Attendee Tracking
Session Tracking & Credits
Options (Rent or Purchase)
WEBfocus Show Organizer Portal
Certificate Management
Event Surveys


 Event Registration - Online, Pre-Show, Onsite, Kiosk, Mobile and More!


SDS has your event registration needs covered using our SHOWfocusWEB Event Management software. Each component of SHOWfocusWEB is modular, so you can pick and choose the elements needed for your event. Start with online and onsite registration, add reports and complete your registration with hotel room and travel management. Fully customized for your specific event needs!



 Modular Components Provide Economical, Scalable Solutions for Your Event!


  • Pre-Show Registration - Web-based registration system supports public registration and manual admin registration (phone, fax, mail). All types of event participants are covered, including attendees, exhibitors, speakers, press, staff, VIPS, complimentary and more. Fully customized forms and reports.
  • Onsite Registration - Companion to pre-show registration, continuity of design and operation - fully integrated and easy to use. SDS can also provide equipment rentals and professional staff (supervisory and/or registration staff) to satisfy all of your onsite requirements.
  • Kiosks & Self-Registration - Touchscreen kiosks for onsite self-registration, plus local information for attendees (weather, airport check-in, etc.).
  • Payment Processing - Support for all popular payment gateways, including PayPal,, LinkPoint and more. Payments and credits to original transactions provided, based on show preferences.
  • Hotel & Travel Management - Companion to registration, allows registrants to book hotel rooms and make air travel arrangements. Supports commissions, guarantees, attrition and more.
  • Call Center/Phone Support - Telephone support available for manual registrations for the duration of the event. Standard (8 AM to 8 PM ET M-F) and Extended (weekends and holidays) plans available.
  • Web Admin w/Reporting - Web-based administrative tools for supporting registration, reports, show creation and more. Completely control all aspects of your events from one simple interface.
  • Mobile Admin (PDA) - Web-based mobile administrative tools provide a subset of the administrative functions for use on PDAs. Registration lookup, reports, real-time statistics, instant messaging, email, cell-phone and many more features for your staff.


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