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 Leads & Lead Tracking - Effective Collection of Leads Increases Your ROI!

 Page 2 - Managing Leads Onsite

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You can use our services to scan everyone that comes to your booth and then use our on-screen tools to move their efficiency around, which then becomes your indicator of when and how you should follow-up. Sadly, many exhibitors will continue to scan anyone that moves near their booth and a large number will not take any notes or link a qualifier with these prized possessions. And, then the Lead has no value, since the exhibitor assigned it no value.


It is better to have a smaller quantity of great leads than a huge quantity of mediocre leads. The time spent cultivating the great leads will pay off in sales, increased revenue and a measurable ROI on your trade show expense. Bring back a bucket of Observers and your manager will begin to question the effectiveness of the event or the display or the marketing materials or whatever. And, perhaps all of those variables were just fine. Instead, it was spending time inappropriately on attendees that will never buy your products or not spending enough time on those that would.


We spent a considerable amount of space on this topic because it is of such great importance that it can no longer be overlooked. Your organization spends thousands of dollars to exhibit at an event. Use your sales and marketing skills to their best, locate and cultivate incredible Leads and use our Lead Management tools to assist with collecting information that can be used to close the deal. And if you need any assistance, our staff is onsite at each event to help in any way possible.


Placing your order for Lead Management is easy. Simply use the web link provided in the Show Order Form provided by the event and your WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal profile will automatically be created. At the close of the event, your leads will be available to download from the WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal. You will be provided with download instructions, including a web link, login and password. You can use the WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal to manage your leads, including viewing information (attendee contact, notes, qualifiers), editing your leads and downloading your leads in a variety of export formats (Microsoft® Excel, CSV, etc.). Your lead information is available from the WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal for one (1) year after the close of the event.


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