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 ECONOMY Lead Management - Portable, Powerful, Lowest Price!

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Our ECONOMY model is our most inexpensive Lead Management device and also the easiest to use. A lanyard is provided so that you can wear the ECONOMY model while working in your booth. To scan a badge, simply point the device at the badge and push the button - a beep and light confirm you captured the barcode information. Simple and fast!

The ECONOMY model is definitely an exhibitor favorite, especially when your show budget is tight. We also offer the ECONOMY model using our Try-N-Buy program. This onsite program allows you to use an ECONOMY device at no-charge for the duration of the event. If you are pleased with the performance and quality/quantity of leads, simply pay the onsite rental price. Otherwise, you owe nothing. Absolutely no risk to try!




 ECONOMY - Features



  • Portable - Battery operated and included lanyard provides quick access to scanner - use it anywhere at event! Sponsored parties, sessions, workshops - anywhere you want to track attendance.
  • Memory - Device holds 400 scans and can be quickly synchronized/cleaned to allow additional scans to be stored during the event. For larger events, exhibitors can rent multiple devices at a substantial discount, providing additional memory over multiple devices.
  • Data - Each lead is date, time and unit stamped, so you can determine which device captured the scan and when the scan was captured (ideal for separating leads from other scanned attendees).
  • Usability - One button interface support single function - scanning attendee badges.
  • Cost Effective - The most inexpensive Lead Management device available in the industry.
  • Sync to Web - Simply return the device at end of event and leads are synchronized to your WEBfocus Exhibitor Profile for immediate download.
  • Web Download - Use our WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal to view/edit/print/download leads at no additional cost.


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