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 WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal - Web-Based Lead Management!


Exhibitors are provided access to our WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal at no additional cost - it is included as part of your rental/purchase fee for Lead Management! WEBfocus is our web-based Lead Management tool that allows you to access your rental/purchase order and all leads collected for an event.

For our ECONOMY and STANDARD PDA models, leads are uploaded to your profile at the end of the event. WEB-USB and WIRELESS PDA models upload leads in real-time, so company associates can start working on leads the moment they are recorded.


Exhibitor Portal


 WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal - Features


  • Web-Based - Available via Internet browser - no special software required.
  • Multi-Event - Ability to access orders and leads from multiple shows.
  • Secure - Login and password protected web site with strong security requirements.
  • Place/View Order - Place your rental or purchase online including credit card payment, online invoice/receipt and email confirmation.
  • View/Edit Leads - View and edit attendee leads, including notes, qualifiers and contact information.
  • New Lead - Scan badge onsite to create lead or create your own lead using business card data.
  • Print Leads - Print lead report in tabular form.
  • Download Leads - Download leads, including Microsoft® Excel, PDF and CSV.


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