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 Lead Management - Rental or Purchase Options Available!


SDS provides Lead Management to exhibitors using our SHOWfocus products and services, available in both rental and purchase programs.


 SHOWfocus Rental Program

In our SHOWfocus Rental Program, the show organizer for the event will contract with SDS to be the official Lead Management vendor and SDS provides rental equipment to each participating exhibitor. The SHOWfocus Rental Program includes onsite customer service and technical support for the duration of the event.

If an upcoming event where you are exhibiting is not providing lead retrieval services, let the show organizer know you prefer to use SHOWfocus and ask them to contact Patrick Loftus directly at 800-608-2568 X208 or via email at Receive a free rental if SDS is selected for the event.


Rental Program

 SHOWfocus Purchase Program

SDS also allows exhibitors to purchase equipment using our SHOWfocus Purchase Program. In this model, exhibitors purchase one or more of our WIRELESS PDA models. Using our Show Template Wizard, the exhibitor enters the show information (name, dates, etc.) and then scans their badge allowing the device to be auto configured to scan attendee badges. Once configured, the WIRELESS PDA can collect scans, take notes, associate qualifiers and upload leads in real-time to the WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal.

If you are interested in our SHOWfocus Purchase Program, please contact Patrick Loftus directly at 800-608-2568 X208 or via email at


Purchase Program


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