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Providing Incredible Service to the Trade Show & Conference Industry


At Show Data Solutions, we provide incredible customer service, both to our show organizer clients and their exhibitors. Our only business is servicing the trade show industry and we strive to improve our processes with each show that we are contracted to work. There are many lead retrieval companies servicing this industry and most are simply re-renting equipment and trying to make a quick profit. At SDS, we take a decidedly different approach, so if you are comparing our systems to competitors, a gentle reminder to consider these key points:



  • We use handheld scanners or handheld PDAs, which are battery operated. No electricity is needed in the booth and the exhibitors can walk around and engage attendees in conversation, instead of requiring them to come over to a certain area of their booth to be scanned or swiped.
  • We use typically use a 1D barcode on the badge. It is highly secure (it is just a numeric link to the attendee), so exhibitors cannot bring their own scanners and collect information from attendees without your permission (by using the official lead management system of the show). Plus, it is faster. A 1D scan takes 1 to 2 seconds to scan and process. A 2D scan takes 2 to 5 seconds to scan and process. We can also provide magnetic stripe access for those events requiring plastic card access.
  • We allow a wealth of information to be displayed and captured on the handheld. No more written notes on pieces of paper. Take quick notes, link qualifiers, scan qualifiers - several methods to make leads more valuable.
  • We send staff to every event. You do not have to bother with lead management, we take care of everything. We earn our revenue from renting equipment to your exhibitors.
  • We provide leads to exhibitors the day the show closes using USB Memory Devices or they can download them starting 9 AM the day after the show, often the leads are available the same day the show closes.
  • We own all of our equipment, over 600 scanners, 150 printers, 75 laptops, 100 kiosks and a related networking equipment. We do not re-rent and markup. Shame on those that do.


 Show Data Solutions - Your Trade Show and Conference Data Specialists!


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