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 Badge Printing - Pre-Show, Onsite, Badge Mailings - We Handle It All!


Look to SDS to provide all of your badge printing needs, including both pre-show and onsite. Our BADGEfocus web-based application supports custom badge designs in both bulk and single ticket formats. Using our Template Manager, we can easily construct a custom design for your event, including logos, graphics, text and a variety of add-on tickets (schedule cards, etc.). Our Mail Manager quickly handles all aspects of bulk badge mailings, including barcodes, discount pre-sort rates, tray tagging and more! Badge printing and mailings have never been easier or more cost effective!


Sample Badge Design

New - Self-Mailing Badges!


 Black/White, Color, Paper/Plastic, Pre-Show/Onsite - We Have You Covered!


  • Custom Badge Designs - Fully customized badges with logos, graphics and variable data fields. Schedule cards, receipts and other custom features available.
  • Custom Badge Stock - Additional services available, including specialized badge ticket designs (with custom tickets, receipts, schedules) with printing to match.
  • Printing Methods - Black/White and color printing, one- or two-sided, paper or plastic card - virtually all printing methods supported.
  • Pre-Show Printing - Bulk printing of all badges, shipped to event in properly sorted order (last name/first name or company name/last name/first name).
  • Pre-Show Mailing - Bulk printed badges can also be mailed to recipients, with USPS pre-sort discount postage applied, marketing materials added and more!
  • Pre-Show Organizers - Badges are pre-stuffed into badge holders and then placed into organizing trays for delivery to event.
  • Onsite Printing - Single printing of badges as needed (on demand). Supports new badges, edits, reprints and more.
  • BADGEfocus - Web-based application used for all badge printing needs, include Administrative, Template Manager and Badge Mailing features. SDS provides no-charge access to all clients.


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