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 Event Badges - Paper, Plastic, Holders, Lanyards, Organizers and More!


SDS provides complete event badge support, including badge stock, printing, pre-show mailing, holders, lanyards and organizers. Our prices for custom-printed color badges are so competitive, that even the smallest event can have a high-quality badge without going over budget!

We currently offer a wide variety of both paper and plastic card badges. Plus, for paper badges, choose from a large selection of badge holders with several attachment styles. Lanyards are also a popular choice and they are great for sponsorship opportunities at your event. Finally, our badge organizers help keep your badges neat and separated during shipping and while distributing them at your event. And, our most popular badge supplies are available for immediate purchase in our Online Store.



 Your One-Stop Source for Your Event Badge Needs


  • Paper Badges - Most popular 4" W x 3" H badges to custom, die-cut badge sheets with tickets, receipts, security features and more.
  • Plastic Card Badges - Rugged, durable plastic cards with or without magnetic stripe, variety of sizes and thicknesses available.
  • Badge Holders - Typically for paper badges, provide protection to badge and attachment (pin, clip, combo or no attachement for lanyards).
  • Lanyards - For plastic and paper badges - ideal way to wear badge without mechanical attachment to clothing - also a great sponsorship opportunity since lanyards can be imprinted with company logos, etc.
  • Badge Organizers - Custom plastic trays to house badges pre-stuffed into badge holders.
  • Badge Printing - Color and black/white printing, one or two sides, pre-printed logos and graphics, fully customizable badge designs.
  • Badge Mailings - Pre-print and mail badges to attendees using our custom badge/mailer combo sheets which perfectly fit into #10 envelopes for mailing.


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