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 Session Tracking & Certificates - Effectively Tracking Attendance at Events!

 Page 3 - Credits and Certificates

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Once you collect all of your attendance information, you typically use that information for a certificate of attendance. At medical and legal conferences, these certificates confirm the number of Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) credits associated with each session. There are a number of methods to deliver certificates to attendees, including:


  1. Event Printing - Certificates are printed at the completion of the last session and available for pickup at the registration desk or a common function (dinner, banquet, award ceremony). This is the most effective way of getting certificates in the hands of attendees. This method is typically available at no additional cost, as the vendor is already onsite managing the attendee tracking process.
  2. Post-Event Mailing - Certificates are either physically printed and mailed or electronically prepared and emailed to all attendees. Although mail merge will make physical mailings less painful, the process of sending hundreds of emails with unique attachments can be quite daunting. Either the attendee tracking vendor or the show organizer can complete this process, although there will be an additional cost for the vendor to complete.
  3. Event Kiosk - Certificates are available at the completion of the last session via onsite touch screen computers (kiosks). Using their badge or other uniquely identifying information (email, etc.,), attendees lookup their certificate and print a copy before leaving the event. The attendee tracking vendor will charge a nominal fee to setup the online certificate template, plus rental costs for the kiosks.
  4. Post-Event Website - Similar to Event Kiosk, except attendees visit a website to view/print their certificate. Most events that provide an Event Kiosk also provide a Post-Event Website, since the software is identical. This method eliminates your staff having to handle certificate distribution and allows attendees to retrieve their certificate as often as needed. The attendee tracking vendor will charge a nominal fee to setup online certificate (see #3 above).


At SDS, we provide our show organizer clients with all 4 distribution options. You can pick the option that best suits your budget. We highly recommend using Event Kiosks and a Post-Event Website to reduce the workload on your staff to distribute certificates.


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