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 Session Tracking & Certificates - Effectively Tracking Attendance at Events!

 Page 2 - Techniques for Improving Scanning Accuracy #2

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Scanning Equipment · Forget Magnetic Stripe, Use Barcodes


Using magnetic stripe for attendee tracking is probably the largest mistake a show organizer can make. It takes at least 3 to 5 seconds to swipe and verify information from a plastic card with magnetic stripe encoding. A bar coded badge can be scanned and verified in 1 to 2 seconds, allowing a barcode scanner to process 2 to 3 times more attendees in the same period of time. Magnetic stripe processing takes longer because it is a contact technology, requiring the operator to drag the plastic card through the reader. Swipe the card too fast, too slow or the wrong way and you will need to try again. Plus, the attendee must remove the card from their badge holder and present it to the door monitor. The combination of multiple swipes and handling the attendee´s badge makes the process relatively slow. Save yourself many headaches and simply use a barcode on the badge.


  1. Cheaper - you can use inexpensive paper badges versus a relatively expensive plastic card with magnetic stripe
  2. Faster - 1 to 2 seconds versus 3 to 5 seconds
  3. Non-Intrusive - attendees do not have to remove their badge to be scanned


Portable Scanners Provide Flexibility


At some events, we have seen laptops with attached scanners at each door. Although barcode scanning will ensure the highest level of throughput, the inconvenience of setting up the laptop and having attendees come to the laptop to be scanned will far outweigh any benefits of using a laptop for attendee tracking. Mobile handheld scanners represent the ultimate level of flexibility and are actually less costly than using a laptop plus scanner. The latest mobile handhelds are as easy to use as your cell phone - just point and click!


  1. Portable - scan attendees anywhere, deploy multiple scanners to larger sessions, engage attendees without forcing them to come to you
  2. Battery Operated - no need for power, cords, cables or other distractions
  3. Powerful - optimized for attendee tracking, with intuitive on-screen confirmation
  4. Cost Effective - similarly priced to a laptop rental


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