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 Session Tracking & Certificates - Effectively Tracking Attendance at Events!

 Page 1 - Techniques for Improving Scanning Accuracy #1

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Attendee tracking is a very broad term used to describe the process of gathering attendance information at an event. Typically, the process involves scanning the barcode on an attendee´s badge and associating that scan with a particular session. For example, if you are tracking attendance at the event keynote, you can deploy scanners to all of the door monitors and have them scan each attendee as they arrive. Once the keynote is completed, you now know the "true" attendance totals. Many show organizers have employed some level of attendee tracking and a large percentage had encountered difficulty with the process. At SDS, we have monitored the attendee tracking efforts of our clients and have come up with several recommendations for making the process more successful. By employing these techniques, attendee tracking can not only be an accurate way to track attendance, but also a process your staff will be comfortable using.


Door Monitors - The First Line of Defense


Sadly, the staff that is used for attendee tracking is often the most significant reason it does not work as planned. Show organizers are under tight budgets and cannot afford to "pay" for additional trained staff to monitor door traffic. In most cases, either show organizer staff or volunteers from the association are used as door monitors. Let´s quickly look at the problems with both sources of "free" labor.


  1. Show Organizer Staff - Your staff is completely stretched thin and has zero attention span for another project, especially one that they do not immediately benefit from using. This lack of attention translates directly to scanning inaccuracies.
  2. Volunteer Staff - For association events, the show organizer often have members of the association volunteer to work as door monitors. These volunteers often have no experience with barcode scanning and spend the first day getting used to the equipment, at the expense of longer door lines and scanning inaccuracies.


We recommend that you schedule training for the door monitors the day before the scanners will be first used, so they can get familiar with the equipment without the pressure of attendees clamoring to get into a room.


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