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 STANDARD PDA - Attendee Tracking - Portable, Economically Priced!

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Our STANDARD PDA model is our most cost effective Attendee Tracking model that provides true portability with a integrated touch screen. To scan a badge, simply point the device at the badge and push the button - a beep and light confirm you captured the barcode information. The device will then show a confirmation on-screen. Several modes supported:



  • Attendance Only - scan attendee upon entry
  • Attendance Duration - scan attendee upon each entry and exit to gather duration of attendance
  • Access Control - allow/deny attendee access to event


 STANDARD PDA - Features



  • Portable - Battery operated - use it anywhere at event! Sessions, workshops, keynotes - anywhere you want to track attendance.
  • Memory - Device holds thousands of scans. For larger events, show organizers can rent multiple devices, providing additional memory over multiple devices.
  • Data - Each scan is date, time and unit stamped, so you can determine which device captured the scan and when the scan was captured (ideal for confirming session was properly selected).
  • Flexibility - Each device is programmed with your entire event schedule, so you can move devices from room to room or bring multiple devices to one room for larger events.
  • Usability - Point and scan - device is always ready for the next badge scan.
  • Cost Effective - The most inexpensive Attendee Tracking PDA available in the industry.
  • Sync to Web - Simply return the device at end of event and scans are synchronized to your WEBfocus Show Organizer Profile for immediate download.
  • Web Download - Use our WEBfocus Show Organizer Portal to view/edit/print/download attendance scans, plus print certificates, at no additional cost.


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