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Event Registration
Pre-Show (Web + Manual)
Onsite (Web + Manual)
Kiosks & Self-Registration (Web Only)
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Call Center/Telephone Support
Web Admin w/Real-Time Reporting
Mobile Admin (PDA)
Event Badges
Badge Printing (Pre-Show & Onsite)
Badge Stock (Paper & Plastic)
Badge Supplies (Holders & Lanyards)
Badge Organizers
Lead Management
Lead Tracking
Options (Rent or Purchase)
WEBfocus Exhibitor Portal
Attendee Tracking
Session Tracking & Credits
Options (Rent or Purchase)
WEBfocus Show Organizer Portal
Certificate Management
Event Surveys


 Welcome to Show Data Solutions!


Show Data Solutions (SDS) provides show organizers and exhibitors with a variety of data-related show services, including Registration (Pre-Show, Manual, Onsite, Kiosk, Mobile), Badge Printing, Badge Supplies, Lead Management, Attendee Tracking, Certificate Management and Event Surveys.



Looking for a comprehensive solution? SDS offers a full set of modules that can be combined to create a total show management solution for all of your events. Mix and match - with a full administrative site to manage all aspects. Total flexibility to match your business needs!


All of our products and services are integrated and designed to work together. For example, our Online and Onsite Registration services use the same secure database, thus ensuring compatibility. The same database is used to generate badges for the attendees, with a unique barcode ID that positively identifies each attendee. Finally, the database is used to drive our Lead Management, Attendee Tracking, Certificate Management and Event Survey products. From start to finish, we have your entire show data solutions covered!


 What's New at SDS?

Updated October 5, 2015 


  • Show Management - Comprehensive, Fully Integrated, Web-Based
  • Lead Management - Wireless PDA, Real-Time Lead Capture
  • Lead Management - USB Scanner, Real-Time Lead Capture - Economical Priced
  • Attendee Tracking - Wireless PDA, Real-Time Attendee Tracking
  • Online Store - Badge Supplies, Lead Management, Attendee Tracking
  • Certificate Management - Web and Paper-Based Tools for CME/CEU Certificates, Collection, Printing
  • Event Surveys - Web and Paper-Based, Printing, Collection, Analysis


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